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for the Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing Program

How to Submit Repair Data Online

Recognized repair technicians can use this handy repair data collection tool to enter repair data online and to upload scanned receipts. Please note you will not be able to enter repair data after the motorist presents the vehicle for a retest.

Logging In

To enter repair data online, you must have already registered for an ILDashboard.com user account. Then, log in to the NEW www.ILDashboard.com site with your User Name and Password. If you do not have a User Name and Password, click on the “New User Registration” link on the login screen.

WARNING: If you are using a shortcut that was created to access the old dashboard (used prior to November 1, 2016) or if you are experiencing any issues connecting to the website, please refer to the “Accessing the New ILDashboard” document.

Entering Repair Data

From the Illinois Dashboard menu, select “Repair”, then “Repair Data Collection”, which is the first option on the drop-down menu, as shown below.

The following search screen will be displayed. Enter the License Plate, VIN or VIR number and click on Search.

If the vehicle record is found, detailed vehicle information will be displayed as shown in the screen below. Scroll down to enter repair data for the vehicle. Complete all the data fields, click the checkbox to acknowledge the certification, then click on Save to submit the data.

The other functions available to the repair industry, accessible from the “Repair” tab are shown below.