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for the Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing Program

Fleet Self-Testing


The Illinois EPA is authorized to permit owners and operators of fleets of 15 or more vehicles to establish and operate Private Official Inspection Stations to perform testing of their own vehicles. Self-testing conducted in the Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing Program must be conducted in conformance with applicable USEPA and State vehicle emissions testing rules and meet all quality assurance and quality control requirements.

Eligible Vehicles

Any owner or lessee of a fleet of 15 or more gasoline-powered vehicles, subject to inspection, may apply to the Agency for a permit to operate one (1) or more Private Official Inspection Stations. All vehicles in the fleet inventory will be inspected biennially.

Permit Requirements

All fleet selftesting documents are available at the bottom of this page:

  • Complete and submit Fleet Self-Testing Permit Application (provided by the Illinois EPA’s contractor) for each inspection location including a list of vehicles that will be tested.
    • Fleet Inspection permits shall expire two (2) years after the date of issuance.
    • Fleet Inspection permits are not transferable.
    • Fleet Inspection permits shall be issued for each location approved for testing.
  • Execute a Fleet Self-Testing Participation Agreement (provided by the Illinois EPA’s contractor).

Equipment Requirements

All fleet self-test inspections shall be conducted utilizing On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) testing equipment that meets the same functional requirements, performance criteria, maintenance standards and calibration requirements as equipment used in official program testing stations.

Inspector Training

Each fleet inspector is required to successfully complete and pass a training course consisting of at least 20 hours of classroom instruction (comprised of 10 hours of video/computer-based training and 10 hours of hands-on instruction).

Operating Requirements for Fleet Self-Testers

  • The self-tester must provide the Agency’s contractor with a list of all vehicles subject to inspection.
  • The self-tester must notify the Agency’s contractor in the event that any vehicles are proposed to be added or deleted from its vehicle inventory.
  • The self-tester’s fleet of vehicles shall be inspected biennially.
  • The vehicles in a self-tester’s fleet shall only be tested at its testing station unless otherwise allowed.
  • All inspection results shall be submitted to the Agency’s contractor electronically.
  • The self-tester is required to use the same equipment as the Agency’s contractor.
  • The self-tester is required to keep records of maintenance performed on emissions inspection equipment for two (2) years. All records and reports must be retained at the fleet facility, and be available for review upon request during normal business hours.
  • Any change in the name and/or address of any permittee or any fleet inspector shall be reported to the Agency’s contractor within 30 days of the change.

Fee Requirements

The cost to the fleet self-tester includes fixed, variable and recurring fee components, as established by the Illinois EPA’s testing contractor, Applus Technologies, Inc. Fixed costs include one-time costs for equipment, plus a fleet inspector training fee which is charged per inspector. Additionally, there will be a monthly maintenance fee which covers the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, which will be charged on an ongoing basis as long as the fleet self-tester continues to conduct self-testing. A per inspection fee will be charged for each completed inspection. 


Fleet Self-Testing Permit Application

- This form may be used to apply for the self-testing program.

Fleet Self-Testing Vehicle Add/Remove Form

- Use this form to report changes to your fleet inventory.

Sample Fleet Self-Testing Participation Agreement

- Sample contract between the contractor and the fleet self-testing entity.

Fleet Self-Testing Guidance Document

- Specific information regarding the program.

Fleet Self-Testing Brochure

- This document is a brochure version of the fleet self-testing information.