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for the Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing Program

If your vehicle is due for testing and your plates are expired, please test at your earliest convenience.  Waiting until the end of October, when the SOS registration extenstions are expected to end, could result in heavy traffic and long wait times.

Extensive precautions are in place and follow Illinois Department of Public Health COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines to protect motorists and our staff.  Motoris are asked to do their part to keep us all safe by coming alone to Air Team testing locations and wearing facial coverings.

Please do not come to Air Team testing locations if you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

If you do not feel comfortable visiting an Air Team testing location, we recommend you have someone else bring your vehicle in for emissions testing.

Illinois EPA encourages those 65 and older, healthcare workers, first responders, and those with pre-existing health conditions to visit Illinois Air Team testing locations during the first testing hour of each day.  We ask those without these special considerations to arrive at testing facilities after the first testing hour of each day.

Additional information can be found here.

Welcome to the Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing Program website for motorists and the repair industry. This site provides motorists with information that will help with understanding the emissions testing process. Motorists will also be able to submit waiver, exemption and extension applications online. This site provides the repair industry with valuable tools, including additional resources on how to diagnose and repair emissions failures. Repair technicians can also submit emissions-related repair data online. Thank you for visiting and for helping to improve the air quality in Illinois!

To expedite your testing experience, avoid testing at the end of the month, the beginning of the month and on Saturdays as these are the busiest testing times!!

Use this button to locate the testing station closest to you.

Use this button to determine if your vehicle is due for an emissions test.