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for the Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing Program

Does My Vehicle Need to be Tested?

If your vehicle is due for testing and your plates are expired, please test at your earliest convenience.  Waiting until the end of October, when the SOS registration extensions are expected to end, could result in heavy traffic and long wait times.

For a list of Illinois Air Team testing locations, please visit the Testing Station Locator.

Motorists can find out when their vehicle is due for an emissions test by entering the VIN or license plate number into our Vehicle Eligibility Check tool.

Test Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Most 1996 and newer gasoline-powered passenger vehicles are subject to testing after they are four years old (e.g., 2012 vehicles are being tested in 2016 for the first time).
  • The testing month coincides with the expiration date of the vehicle license plate.
  • Typically, even model-year vehicles are tested during even years and odd model-year vehicles are tested in odd years.

If you have any questions, please contact the Illinois Air Team at 844.258.9071.

The following vehicles are not subject to emissions testing:
  • Vehicles not subject to registration.
  • Diesel-powered vehicles and vehicles that are powered exclusively by electricity.
  • Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles and motorized pedal-cycles.
  • Antique vehicles, expanded-use antique vehicles, custom vehicles, street rods, and vehicles of model year 1967 or before.
  • Farm vehicles and implements of husbandry.
  • Vehicles registered in, subject to, and in compliance with the emissions inspection requirements of another state.
  • Vehicles for which a Junking Certificate has been issued by the Secretary of State pursuant to the Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/3-117).
  • Implements of warfare owned by the State or federal government.
  • Vehicles of model year 2006 or earlier with a manufacturer gross vehicle weight rating between 8,501 and 14,000 pounds.
  • Vehicles with a manufacturer gross vehicle weight rating greater than 14,000 pounds.
Find a Test Station Location Convenient for You

Use this Testing Station Locator to find a test station near you. See Test Day Tips to help ensure your test goes smoothly.